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We are a dynamic community whose commitment to each-other and the mission is one of a kind. We believe hard work is energizing, problem solving is exciting, and competition is inspiring. Our resourceful, urgent, and innovative attitude creates a fast-paced environment where ideas are encouraged, decision making is promoted, and saying "yes!” to uncharted territory is an everyday practice.

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Sales and Operations Manager

Burn Boot Camp is looking for people who are passionate about creating an environment that leads to people reaching their goals through building relationships, selling memberships, and leading our team at the front desk. The Sales and Operations Manager plays a critical role at Burn Boot Camp as the leader of a member-facing team and the first faces a potential member may see when they visit for the first time. They are responsible for executing the front desk role while also upholding the high standards of Burn Boot Camp through the front desk team. There is a strong focus on “leading up” to be a part of process improvement and ensuring the direct experience from the front desk is factored into significant decisions.

Burn Trainer

Burn Boot Camp is looking for the top 1% of trainers to work with our incredible team and serve our amazing members. Burn Boot Camp is a trendsetting fitness company with over 300+ locations nationally. As a Burn Boot Camp Trainer, you will be responsible for delivering dynamic and challenging workouts to members of all fitness levels. This position requires a strong ability to engage and motivate multiple members at a time and provide a positive community for change. A Burn Boot Camp trainer focuses on lifestyle, including mindset, nutrition, strength and burst (HIIT) training, all creating an inviting environment of support that exceeds member expectations. Burn Boot Camp trainers must have a strong desire to help members reach their health and fitness goals through pushing them outside of their comfort zone and showing them what they’re capable of.

Burn Ambassador

Burn Boot Camp is looking for highly motivated, passionate, enthusiastic, and hard working Burn Ambassadors to join our growing national team.The Burn Ambassador plays a very integral and critical role at Burn Boot Camp. The Burn Ambassador is the first person our members see when they walk in the door and provide our members with their first impression. There is a strong focus on running the “front of house” operations and fostering the growth of community in the gym.


Burn Boot Camp is looking for caring and compassionate Childwatch workers who have experience caring for children ages eight weeks to twelve years old. We are committed to providing top quality care and a welcoming environment that reflects the Burn commitment to community. Our goal is to enhance the lives of every child that attends our facility and ensure a safe, engaging, and clean environment.

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Burn Boot Camp is rapidly expanding and we want you to be a part of our mission to ignite global health transformation. Find one of our many opportunities to join #BurnNation in your community below.


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